23andMe Health+Ancestry Kit

Price: Free


This is a free kit that is available for the first 1000 Active Members who respond!
This offer is open to all current and new members.  
All orders will be checked against the active membership list.  
If you are unsure of your membership status you can either log on to the website using your email address or email membership@4hcm.org

Get genetic insights into your ancestry, traits and health that can help make it easier for you to take action on your health.

    ~ 150+ personalized reports
    ~ Includes Ancestry + Traits Service
    ~ Includes FDA-authorized reports
    ~ FSA/HSA eligibility

After ordering and the HCMA confirms your membership status,  you will be emailed an unique URL to the 23andMe store website that has the discount code embedded into the URL. This may take 4-7 business days to process.


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